Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gotta Revolution!!

This blog was about blues music.... right now it's about my personal blues. Well... yours too.. if you paying even minimal attention to what's happening in the USA ... you hafta be depressed. All the robber barons of our past have sardonic grins on their dead faces ... we are returning to their reality... the hard work done to undo all the terrible shit they inflicted on this country are being repealed!! If you have young children... get ready... they will be workin' in unsafe factory jobs soon. We are just pawns of the rich and their multinational interests.

Reaching retirement age? guess again. Paid social security your whole life? Tough shit!! Sick? Curl up and die! The only chance to reverse this trend is:
1. No more lobbyists
2 campaign finance reform
3 term limits
4 machete bearing crowds of pissed off Americans storming congress
5 tax billionaire people and their corporations (maybe that should be number 1)

My life sucks and doesn't look like it's gonna improve ... give me a machete!!!
Listen to the music at Bandana Blues and meditate .... it helps me ... for an hour or two.......

What do you think??

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