Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Nausea! Not caused by something ingested, but by watching TV shows about the fascist take over of our country by Repuglicans financed by large corporations. Everything I believed about this country is turning out to be wrong. The last 11 years have proven that we (normal Joes) are just cannon fodder and consumers (it was obvious for over a hundred years but I'm usually the last to know anything). Kept fat and dumbed down by the true leaders of this country. Even the founding fathers knew that human beings are intrinsically evil and out to grab your wares and keep them for their own without a hint of regard for fairness or compassion. They tried their best to create a document to help prevent what has happened to this country, I am however, sure that they knew it was an impossible task.

Wanna join me in this Nauseous state, or do you prefer to keep your blinders on? Get ajolt in the groin that will open your eyes by watching Terrorstorm by Alex Jones. If you have Netflix .. it is watchable for free... but you will pay a price ... your cherry will be popped and you'll wanna tell everyone about it.

Watch it and let me know if you are nauseous.

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