Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gotta Revolution!!

This blog was about blues music.... right now it's about my personal blues. Well... yours too.. if you paying even minimal attention to what's happening in the USA ... you hafta be depressed. All the robber barons of our past have sardonic grins on their dead faces ... we are returning to their reality... the hard work done to undo all the terrible shit they inflicted on this country are being repealed!! If you have young children... get ready... they will be workin' in unsafe factory jobs soon. We are just pawns of the rich and their multinational interests.

Reaching retirement age? guess again. Paid social security your whole life? Tough shit!! Sick? Curl up and die! The only chance to reverse this trend is:
1. No more lobbyists
2 campaign finance reform
3 term limits
4 machete bearing crowds of pissed off Americans storming congress
5 tax billionaire people and their corporations (maybe that should be number 1)

My life sucks and doesn't look like it's gonna improve ... give me a machete!!!
Listen to the music at Bandana Blues and meditate .... it helps me ... for an hour or two.......

What do you think??

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Nausea! Not caused by something ingested, but by watching TV shows about the fascist take over of our country by Repuglicans financed by large corporations. Everything I believed about this country is turning out to be wrong. The last 11 years have proven that we (normal Joes) are just cannon fodder and consumers (it was obvious for over a hundred years but I'm usually the last to know anything). Kept fat and dumbed down by the true leaders of this country. Even the founding fathers knew that human beings are intrinsically evil and out to grab your wares and keep them for their own without a hint of regard for fairness or compassion. They tried their best to create a document to help prevent what has happened to this country, I am however, sure that they knew it was an impossible task.

Wanna join me in this Nauseous state, or do you prefer to keep your blinders on? Get ajolt in the groin that will open your eyes by watching Terrorstorm by Alex Jones. If you have Netflix .. it is watchable for free... but you will pay a price ... your cherry will be popped and you'll wanna tell everyone about it.

Watch it and let me know if you are nauseous.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama Speech 04.13.11

I felt equally buoyed and dismayed by the Prez speech.... it was great... but the republican machine will grind it to pieces with spin, alternate baked "financial numbers" and opinions told to them by rich despots like the Koch Bros. that the play-dough minded subscribers to Fox News will eat up like candy and IGNORE the facts.

I wish him luck... along with the aging baby boomers that I am one of.

Listen to some blues and feel better...... you could be Libyan.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


The world is in such a state that it is depressing to even follow news stories about it. It doesn't help my personal outlook on life in general. There isn't enough positive things happening to make me feel remotely optimistic about our spinning (out of control) planet.

Just something to cause me to spontaneously smile does not happen on a daily basis. However, about the only thing that affects my mood in a positive direction is my love of listening to great music ... I can still do that. If I became deaf I'd end my life.

So,... join me in smiling when I play music for us on the provided link ... email me if it helps you smile too.... that would make my smile wider. Just click on WTF?