Monday, December 04, 2006


What we have here is a failure to communicate! Thanks to Struther Martin for that oh-so-trueism. Hi boys and girls. I see there have been so changes around Blogger since the last time I was here (JUNE!!).

Lotsa changes around the old homestead too. I no longer am affiliated with Highway 49 booking agency, Beau is in college, and my diabetes medicine sucks ass. Hopefully, we will get a better handle on that with today's DR. visit. I sent him a letter with all my bitched on it a couple weks ago, so cross your fingers that he gets it right this time.

To more pleasant news, I will be on the BIG BLUE BOAT again this year and can't wait. Look for a wrap up of that mess late January on Blueswax and our podcast with Beardo & Spinner.

Ya know, if you STILL haven't figured out how to subscribe, to automaticly get the weekly show downloaded to whatever mp3 device you choose.... listen to this:
Feedburner will send you an email with a link to the show whenever there is a new one. What's this mean? It means once you sign up here (only takes a minute and no spyware or selling of your address or other emails) the show can be played or downloaded right from the email.
WOW!! If you are into it... sign up some friends!!!

Ok, this posting will hopefully continue now that I have some time...

Beardo has left the building!

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