Sunday, March 12, 2006

Live Longer with Beardo & Spinner

Thought I'd share this e-mail with you folks:
Hi Guys, Al Foders in Orlando, Florida here. I'm 56 years young. I
love Blues music. I've been downloading the show for 8 months now. I put it on my MP3 player and take it to the gym.

I normally workout for 30 to 45 minutes, but since your show is usually 60 minutes, I spend extra time on Saturdays on the cardio machine "Sweatin' To The Blues".

The young, buffed kids around me must wonder what the heck is going on
with this guy "sweatin' like a whore on dollar night" on the elliptical
training machine: his eyes closed, earplugs deeply inserted in his ear
canals, his grey head bobbing up and down in time with the music, his
lips moving as he silently sings along with his favorite tunes. Too
bad...they don't know what they are missing! They get to hear NSync,
Usher, Coldplay and Britanny Spears on the crappy PA system while I hear
the best of the Blues from my friends at Bandana Blues.

You guys keep it up. Thanks to you, I'm going to live longer because of
the extra time spend working out each week.


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