Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New CD Deadline and Technorati Tags

I found that alot of people are weeks behind listening to B&S. It's just a fact of life that podcasts are like tivo'd programs on TV, time-shifted!

With that in mind I am extending the deadline for the Podcast Promotion CD #1 to March 1st. If you are unaware of what this CD is, go to the website and choose the link for Donations. Wait a minute, just click here.

A t-shirt, the CD and the tip jar are located there. Thanks for the support show by the people donating to the show. It is truly appreciated.

Also, note the Technorati search engine in the upper right of the blog. A keyword search of all the posts on Bandana Blues can be performed. Useful if you want to check a statement I may have made about a subject, that you want to call my ass out on. OR, just to see if I've mentioned a subject near and dear to your heart. Try it out, I love it!


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