Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Donation Thank You

About the donations to our radio show equipment budget, thanks to the fine listeners that have contributed with cash, paypal transfers to the tip jar or the premium we offered of a buttload of archived shows not available for download anymore, I pulled the trigger on a new pair of cans. Headphones, you know .. not a breast transplant. The old ones had an intermittent short in the right can and a rubber band around the input jack for fuckin' MONTHS.

A new hard drive is next!!

Above is a card from a NYC blues fan that came with cash in it yesterday. I'm touched, thanks! I actually got the Xmas spirit, well for about five minutes.

I hope to have a couple more worthwhile premiums in the next few months to make it easier for y'all to pull out your wallets 'cause you'll get something worthwhile back. No PBS coffee mugs here, ... no, uh-uh.

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